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Sales Director Central Mentors are hand-picked, proven Sales Leaders.
Your Insourced Sales Director has experience in front line, complex sales, and have successfully built high performance sales teams.
It is the quality and expertise of the Sales Director Central Mentors that allows us to provide a money back guarantee.
Look for the Certified Mentor badge when looking for your next sales leader.

"Glen began his career as an engineer in the technical B2B space. He moved into sales and through Glen's leadership grew the team to over 100 people with significant annual revenue. Glen has been involved in building high performance sales team ever since (over 20 years).

Glen consults to industry on people and culture, and finds that working on sales leadership is the most enjoyable and rewarding outcome for his clients."

Glen Charge
Mentor - Technology & Industrial

"Tony's first job out of school was selling fax machines on commission only to the Queensland government; if you didn’t sell you didn’t eat. He excelled in various sales roles before heading back to university at the age of 27 (at a time when he felt better equipped for the balance of study, family and work).

Tony has spent the last 25 years focused in the technology, HVAC and security sectors, providing innovative solutions for his customers through building and leading high performing sales teams."

Tony Bartlett
Mentor - Technology & Industrial

"Todd is an experienced sales leader, characterised by deep knowledge of, and experience in, enterprise software sectors and how they can be serviced by business technology solutions to meet customer needs and objectives.
Todd is a sales professional with comprehensive people and management skills, both in building and motivating high performance sales teams. Todd is one of the most highly regarded and respected Sales Directors across the Asia Pacific region and will use his extensive experience in enterprise software, SAAS and professional services to deliver revenue growth to Sales Director Central Members."

Todd Hunt
Mentor - Technology, SAAS & Multi-National Expansion

"Phil started his career as a Technical Engineer and progressed through to Service Director with several Multinational Companies. Phil has won and led large and complex projects and been at the forefront of innovative solutions. Phil was later tasked to build and lead high performance sales teams.
Never far from the coal face, Phil has a hands on approach and a unique mindset for selling complex solutions. Phil has lead high performance teams into new and challenging directions, and is considered a change agent amongst his peers. His working career has had him involved in Europe, US and Asia Pacific. Phil is an experienced professional selling solutions, managing change and providing operational excellence. "

Phil Wardley
Mentor - Technology, Services & Multi-National Expansion

"Mal has over 30 years experience in Senior Sales and Business Development roles building and managing high performance sales teams for multinational start-ups and scale-ups.
Leading and selling in a consultative manner, linking Business Strategy and Technology, has seen him excel with clients across the Resources & Energy, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Transport-Logistics, Smart-Cities, and Engineering & Construction markets.
Mal has a proven track record in building high performance sales teams in ANZ and across Asia Pacific."

Malcolm (Mal) Lovell
Mentor - Technology & Asia-Pacific

"David has been an innovator and sales leader for over 40 years. He invented the surfboard leg-rope and successfully commercialised that idea from a Margaret River startup to a successful global brand based in California.

David has led and won deals with some of the biggest names in Technology and Industrial Products, building many high performance sales teams along the way.
He has a keen interest in Asset Intensive industries and how innovation (eg IoT) can drive improvements in IT and OT."

David Hattrick
Mentor - Technology & Globalisation

"Saverio has over 20 years experience in sales leadership within the IT industry. Working with several iconinc companies and at the forefront of technology his ability to develop, mentor and lead high performance sales teams has been second to none.

Saverio is a hand’s on leader, focusing on achieving results with a level of enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence. Saverio's approach is high value, high impact with a focus on guiding our clients and their teams through the buying journey to establish a high performance sales team."

Saverio Motta
Mentor - Technology & B2B

"JD has 30 years sales leadership experience. He has been sharing this knowledge through Katalyst Consulting that he founded in 2004. Katalyst Consulting is the foundation for what today is Sales Director Central.

JD's thought leadership, coupled with his engaging and challenging style has seen him deliver keynote speeches and lead many companies to more than double their revenue over the last 16 years."

John Dean (JD)
Mentor - Co-Founder, Technology & Financial Services

"Sarge had a successful career in IT project delivery before seeing the upside in sales. He has worked with some of the icons of the IT industry (people and companies) covering both products and services.

With 25 years experience in IT sales and sales leadership, Sarge has been working with technology, supply chain, manufacturing and NFP organisations over the last 10 years, improving their revenue and profitability along the way. "

Paul Sargeant (Sarge)
Mentor - Co-Founder, Technology & Services

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