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Sales Director Central Mentor?

Sales Director Central Mentors are hand-picked, proven Sales Leaders.
It is the quality and expertise of the Sales Director Central Mentors that allows us to provide a money back guarantee to our Members (Clients).

You must have experience in front line, complex sales, and have successfully built high performance sales teams.
A Sales Director Central Mentor is a proven revenue builder and high performance sales team builder.

Is that you?

What is it like being a Mentor?

Listen to our Co-Founders discuss their exprience of being a Mentor.


Our Values

It is important to us, our Members and Mentors that new Mentors share our values.  These are personal, professional and real.

Our values are:

Do the right thing

Be brave


Please continue if you are prepared to demonstrate these values as a new Mentor.

If you passed the self-assessment, congratulations.

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The process from here will be:

  1.  Register your interest - Hit the Breakthrough button below.
  2.  Conversation with the Founders - Ensure alignment on values & expectations.
  3.  Review the Mentor Agreement - Terms & conditions.
  4.  Pay your Mentor Sign-up Fee.
  5.  Attend Mentor onboarding session - collegiate environment with other
     Mentors, hands-on training & hear from some Members.
  6.  Get access to Sales Director Central sales leadership templates - Fast start your
     new Mentor business with proven templates to support your new Member
  7.  Start talking to potential new Members - Introductions from Sales Director
     Central plus leverage your network.

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