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With experienced sales leaders, a proven sales leadership framework and robust approach, we help sales teams who sell a complex solution to an infrequent buyer, spent time on deals they can win and increase revenue.

We nearly tripled our sales revenue in the first 12 months - Matthew Grove, GK Horizons

Proven Sales Leaders

Our Sales Leaders have at least 15 years' sales leadership experience. All certified sales leadership mentors by Sales Director Central.  They bring experience and situational awareness to the sales leadership framework and structured approach to growing your revenue.
(this is Glen, one of our experienced Sales Leaders)

Meet our Sales Leaders

My company has doubled in size...during a time when most are shrinking - Lee Featherby, Powerful Points

Sales Leadership Framework

You may have a sales process and even a sales methodology, but do you have a Sales Leadership Framework?  Sales Director Central has the only proven sales leadership framework based on 200 years sales leadership experience and proven across 100 implementations.

Explore our Sales Framework

A dramatic increase in revenue - Stu Cameron, Unifii


We have a structured approach to assess, build and manage your high performance sales team.  The approach is Diagnose, Plan, Execute. The Diagnostic includes a comprehensive revenue impact assessment with a benchmark score against similar businesses.  From this we recommend the changes and produce a Plan to build and manage the team.  Then, yes, we take ownership of sales leadership and Execute for you.  Note we do not do the direct sales, we manage your reps to do that, increasing the valuation of your business.

Explore our Approach

I win twice as many deals in half as many demos - Steve Torso, Wholesale Investor

With proven sales leaders, sales leadership framework and approach, we are able to make make our promise to you.

Our Promise is based on a Proven Approach - 3 steps to revenue growth


Analysis of your sales DNA with a 70-point benchmark to review your sales team's revenue generation capability against the Sales Director Central sales framework.


Recommendations are made in a formal report, including a series of workshops and actions to transform your sales team using the sales framework and our experienced Sales Leaders.


We are unique in that we own the sales leadership role and execute on that Plan for you. We take responsibility for growing the sales team and building a high performance sales team.


Problems we see...problems we solve

During the last five years we worked with over 100 companies on solving their sales leadership and revenue growth problems.  The most common barriers we fix to enable revenue growth, and to build and manage a high performance sales team are:

Time Constrained

Founders and Owners are time constrained - "comes with the territory".  Sales gets too much or not enough of your time.  Explore how we can give you both revenue growth and more time.

Broken Sales

How do you fix an under-performing sales team?  You know the results are not there, and you can personally sell, but you don't know how to fix, build nor manage a high performance sales team.

"Busy" reps

There is plenty of activity and loads of demos, but the dealsare not closing. Reps are busy but targets are not being hit. Let us implement a framework where this never happens again.

Hire/Fire Reps

You are a proven revenue generation engine.  Now to get some sales people to increase revenue even further, and to lessen the reliance on you.  This becomes a hire and fire cycle that wastes time and money.

Before you waste $, time and effort, put Sales Director Central (SDC) at the top of your checklist.

I'd like more information

"Are you sales trainers?"
No we are not.

Sales training focuses on a one off training event or program.  Training success is dependent on how much the sales people in your team retain and use from the training, and on your sales leader's ability to hold the sales person accountable for adoption. 

We are mentors.  We tailor the sales mentoring for each sales team and sales person that they require to be successful.  We analyse current performance, behaviours and processes before we deliver on upskilling the sales people in your team. Then we hold them accountable.  Sales leadership mentoring delivers better performance improvements.

"So we outsource selling to you?"
No you do not.

In Chinese, there is an old saying 授人以魚,不如授人以漁, which means “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".  The same applies in business and sales.

If we were to sell for you, you are reliant on us continuing to sell for you.  When we build a high performance sales team that you own, and we lay the foundations for you to manage that team, you sell forever. Our business model is designed for you to graduate from our program and be self-reliant for revenue growth.  This approach also increases the valuation of your business in the eyes of investors. 


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Through the power of sales we unleash the potential of those crazy enough to believe they can change the world.

Our fractional sales leadership solution (part time sales leaders) delivers predictable, sustainable results.
Predictable - through the deep experience of our sales leaders (mentors).
Sustainable - our unique sales framework delivered through a fractional sales leadership model.

Our customers are our heroes.  It's a pleasure delivering growth to our heroes.  Their commitment has been between 1 day a month to 2 days a week dependent on the complexity of their sales team (a single rep to multiple reps to multiple geographies).

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