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We work with Business Owners & Directors of $1m to $50M B2B companies who want to double their sales.

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Revenue Pain Cycle

Hired and fired a sales rep.
No ROI on marketing and PR investment.
Sales is a dirty word.
Can't trust your pipeline.
Deals constantly slip.
Too busy. No time. Chasing ghosts.
Chasing non-core revenue.
Confused messaging. Lost focus.
This is the Revenue Pain Cycle.

Product is not enough

A killer product or service does not guarantee you will be able to scale your business.  You have to be able to scale your sales to drive success.  Looking for the silver bullet?  Reality check - there is no silver bullet.  The good news - there is a cure for FDS through a proven approach you can use to scale your sales. 

I've sold it, why can't anyone else?

It's your baby, you know it better than anyone else.  You sold it to a few, or many customers.  Why can't anyone else do what you've done, but more often and to a broader base?
Don't understand why you can't find someone who can sell your awesome product or service?
These are common symptoms of FDS.  Stop trying to find another you.  An Insourced Sales Director from Sales Director Central can build a high performance sales team to scale your business.

Time your enemy?

No matter how good you are as a Sales Leader, when you start a new business time will not allow you to focus 100% of your time on the Sales Leadership role.  This is especially true as you start to scale.  You must spend time on strategy, product direction, staff and other CEO / Director / Owner responsibilities.  Who can you trust to build your high performance sales team through this phase of growth?

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The 6 Pillars of High Performance sales Teams

A key factor in doubling your sales volume is to build a high performance sales team. Don't waste money on hiring, don't waste money on sales training until these fundamentals are in place.


Sales teams support the business plan with a sales plan. This is supported by territory plans and individual account plans. Each deal can have a deal or acquisition plan. Fail to plan is a plan to fail.


When you say you will do something then do it.  Your personal brand impacts on the brand of the sales team.  Commitment to action, ownership of deliverables, commitment to the number.


One team, one approach, a common language.  Communication rapidly improves as the team embrace a common approach to the art and science of sales.


Without measurement how do you know you are improving?  Move, monitor, modify.  Knowing where you are heading is key to peak performance.


You can't get fit jogging once a year.  Get sales fit and the team to peak performance by making sales fitness a part of every day's rhythm.


None of this works if you don't execute. Use the tools, speak the language, focus on value, be accountable, have targets, measure progress and celebrate success.

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"We nearly tripled our sales revenue in the first 12 months that Sales Director Central worked with us, winning Adaptive Insights' global partner of the year on the way. I have also found that their contribution extends beyond sales and into general business management.

If you speak with SDC be ready to take notes as every time they open their mouth something worth noting down comes out."

Matthew Grove
GK Horizons

"Sales Director Central was instrumental in turning our business around. Last year we more than doubled our income and a big part of this was due to the marketing coaching we received from SDC. We learned to focus on the value proposition from the customer's perspective. It sounds simple, but we just couldn't see the forest for the trees. SDC effectively re-educated our understanding of sales and marketing.

The results speak for themselves."

Justin Lane
Enigma Solutions ([e]suite)

"During Paul's time in an executive role at Solentive I learnt many things about enterprise selling from him. He brought much rigor to our sales process and helped us develop our sales team. He assisted us in increasing our revenue and most importantly, adding to the bottom line. Paul is a very accomplished business professional with strong ERP and business management skills.

Your business will only benefit from having Paul involved with it. "

Kareem Tawansi

"Sales Director Central is the calm voice of expertise and experience, guiding me through the sales maelstrom. Their approach to all aspects of sales, from identification, through qualification and ultimately closure, is based on long and relevant experience, and their advice is delivered in a highly personable manner that is easy to digest. No sales team should be without coaching from Sales Director Central.

I highly recommend Sales Director Central to those wishing to improve their sales performance."

Cameron Berkman
Director, Advisory
Ernst Young

"I have worked with Sales Director Central both with my clients and directly and can heartily recommend them. With me, I use SDC as a sounding board for any issues or challenges where I think I need an outside person's opinion and I find SDC has a great ability to bring excellent insights and perspicacity to those issues.

More than coincidentally, in my time with SDC, my company has doubled in size...during a time when most are shrinking."

Lee Featherby
Mr Presentations & CEO

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