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Founders & Investors want the same thing: Predictable, sustainable results.

Founders are crazy enough to think you can change the world.  Investors believe in you and want to be part of your journey.

You both want the same thing in the next stage of your growth - predictable, sustainable results.

This requires a high performance sales team with a proven sales framework.

Founders, assess where you team is so you know how to address the questions from Investors.

Investors, assess the sales team with the same level of diligence you review their financials and product development.  Mitigate your revenue growth risks.

What we see when we independently assess a sales team...

Product NOT Value

You are proud of your product and you show it off all the time.  Features and functions will NOT win deals for you.

Fail to Plan

The business plan is not supported by a viable sales plan.  Territories, Accounts and Reps do not have a plan for success.  Fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Hope to win

No matter how proud you are of your product, you cannot demo it to anyone who asks.  What a waste of time.  They hope to win rather than qualify.

Poor execution

Time, no sales framework and a lack focus gets in the way of strong sales execution.  Sales decisions re based on opinion, not facts.

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