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Sales Framework - PAMICE

When you chose a Fractional Sales Leader from Sales Director Central, they come with our proven Sales Framework (PAMICE) to help deliver predictable, sustainable results.

Managing sales reps in a high performance team requires a consistent approach that allows the team to thrive.  PAMICE provides that Sales Framework which embodies the knowledge from Sales Director Central co-founders, JD and Sarge, plus continual updates from our Mentors as we deliver predictable, sustainable results for our clients.

We love sales, especially where there is a complex sale to an infrequent buyer.
The Foundation of the Sales Framework is VALUE - clients buy based on Value, not on product features & functions & price.
The Pillars of the Sales Framework are Planning, Accountability, Methodology, Indicators, Cadence, Execution - P.A.M.I.C.E.


Sales teams support the business plan with a sales plan. This is supported by territory plans and individual account plans. Each deal can have a deal or acquisition plan. Fail to plan is a plan to fail.


When you say you will do something then do it. Your personal brand impacts on the brand of the sales team. Commitment to action, ownership of deliverables, commitment to the number.


There is no other way of saying must have a qualification methodology.  There are at least 20 qualification methodologies you can use.  Make sure you use one of them.


Without measurement how do you know you are improving?  Move, monitor, modify.  Know where you are heading.


You can't get fit jogging once a year.  Get sales fit and the team to peak performance by making sales fitness a part of every day's rhythm.


Use the tools, speak the language, focus on value, be accountable, have targets, measure progress and celebrate success.


Let's not forget about VALUE.
Selling VALUE is the foundation on which the Six Pillars (PAMICE) are set.
Your customers are not buying your product because of the features and functions you have developed, nor because of all the services you provide.
Customers buy your product because it solves a problem they have and the VALUE derived makes their decision to proceed an easy one.

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