PAMICE - Build and manage a high performance sales team.

Exceptional sales leaders must know how to successfully build and manage a high performance sales team.
This is fundamental to revenue and business growth.
Based on the experience of Sales Director Central's mentors, and the success of our members, we build and manage a high performance sales team on a solid FOUNDATION and strong PILLARS.


Sales teams support the business plan with a sales plan. This is supported by territory plans and individual account plans. Each deal can have a deal or acquisition plan. Fail to plan is a plan to fail.


When you say you will do something then do it.  Your personal brand impacts on the brand of the sales team.  Commitment to action, ownership of deliverables, commitment to the number.


One team, one approach, a common language.  Communication rapidly improves as the team embrace a common approach to the art and science of sales.


Without measurement how do you know you are improving?  Move, monitor, modify.  Knowing where you are heading is key to peak performance.


You can't get fit jogging once a year.  Get sales fit and the team to peak performance by making sales fitness a part of every day's rhythm.


None of this works if you don't execute. Use the tools, speak the language, focus on value, be accountable, have targets, measure progress and celebrate success.

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We have not covered Value yet...
Selling VALUE is the foundation on which the Six Pillars are set.


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