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Our clients - our heroes

We love sales and we love working with like-minded people. Our mission reflects this - through the power of sales, we unleash the full potential of those crazy enough to believe they can change the world.

Our clients are our heroes.  They are crazy enough to believe they can change the world and we love working with them.  The videos below cover some of their stories. 

The first four videos are from a presentation by Stu Cameron from Unifii and Matthew Grove from GK Horizons at an onboarding session for some of our Mentors. 

Stu has done an amazing job in founding and growing Unifii - Unifii was born from a desire to make it easier to use technology to solve business problems. For too long, technology has not been the enabler that was promised and solutions took too long, were too expensive, or made by people who didn't understand the real-world requirements of the business.

Matt has successfully established and grown GK Horizons - Our focus is “Digitising FP&A” – the transformation of your Financial Planning and Analysis function, inclusive of your people, processes and technology requirements. GKH exists to make your Office of Finance perform better, function more efficiently and help your organisation make better decisions.




Below are 3 more heroes talking about their business, their trigger to engage a Fractional Sales Leader from Sales Director Central, the results they achieved and their recommendation to engage Sales Director Central.

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