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During this presentation you will

 Discover how $1-20m tech companies through a simple 6-step framework can

Double Your ROI with a System to Scale Revenue in the Next 6 Months

in the next 6 months

(Without wasting time with salespeople that sound good but don’t work out)

When: August 25

Time : 10:00 am Sydney time

Where:  Zoom


What you will learn in this Webinar

Mistakes to Avoid

Uncover the misconceptions about selling your product and the common mistakes to avoid when hiring salespeople

The Foundational Principles

…that make this simple system so effective -- including the details of precisely why it works -- so you can implement it with ease and confidence

The Amazing Results

…that Founders like you enjoy with The PAMICE model™, and that will grow revenue and scale your business!


Peter Solway

“Working with JD, I closed a deal 5 times larger than I had previously, doubled our average deal size, and had clarity around sales closing/slipping.

Working with JD is like having the keys to unlock your next stage of growth. JD not only takes your sales game to the next level, but genuinely cares, and goes the extra mile (think mindset, personal growth and empathy)"

Thomas Mellotte

Having worked with a number of advisors over the years, I found JD's customer centric approach refreshing to say the least. Sales Director Central as a group, use a clear customer-centric framework that helps both sales executives & their leadership teams to pressure test their opportunities, develop discipline around qualification & in essence, simply work smarter not harder.  I would recommend JD if you need a simple framework that provides more revenue predictability & forecast accuracy within your business.”

About your Presenter

JD is co-Founder of Sales Director Central and the PAMICE model - a simple 6 step process to help companies scale revenue.  Along the way helping 10 businesses get to an exit.  Within Sales Director Central he leads a team that works with Founders to help them sleep at night by realising their revenue dreams.

JD’s sales career spans 4 decades of creating compelling environments that allow diverse sales teams to exceed sales targets.  Since February 2004, as CEO of Katalyst Consulting, he has created and driven processes to increase revenue and create performance cultures in a wide variety of organisations.