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Who we are...

We love Sales. We live and breathe it. We understand its fundamental power to unlock the true value of a great business. Predictable, sustainable sales enable a company to unleash its full potential and achieve its mission.

As individuals, we’ve had successful sales leadership careers and through Sales Director Central, we have used our expertise to help Founders scale their businesses.

The sad truth is many Founders fall short. Not because they lack a compelling and valuable idea, but because they’ve not cracked the sales code. They end up on the revenue-chasing mouse wheel, distracting them from their vision, mission, purpose – the very thing that inspired them in the first place - now on hold in the race to get cash in the door. Any cash. Any customer.

The global pandemic has heightened the sales challenges businesses are facing. A market operating under the pressures of a crisis mean prospects are more circumspect with their purchase decisions. Many industries are no longer operating in a thriving market. This intensifies the need for businesses to codify their sales so they can optimise their results.

The pandemic has also had another, more positive effect.

It has accelerated the movement of business as a force for good. Founders and leaders who believe business has the power to improve lives, who lead mission-led companies driven to unlock meaningful value that contribute solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges.

Today we include ourselves in this movement. At Sales Director Central, we’ve always given back, but we’ve long felt there’s a bigger opportunity for us to contribute to. Against the backdrop of a turbulent world, our own focus has sharpened on how and where we contribute our time and energy.

For us, that is supporting purpose-driven technology business Founders and leaders who are seeking accelerated growth. We share a common belief with them – that business can and should be a force for good. We believe sales has an important role to play in this and we’re committed to using our business, knowledge, people and influence to support the success of these businesses and the people behind them.

We love sales and we love working with like-minded people. Our mission reflects this - through the power of sales, we unleash the full potential of those crazy enough to believe they can change the world.

The times we live in are filled with crisis and uncertainty. But they’re also filled with opportunity; to rise to the challenges we face and to demonstrate what human endeavour can achieve.  That’s what drives us.

How about you?  Do you believe we can change the world? If you do, then let’s explore how we can work together. Whether it’s as a Fractional Sales Leader (mentor), a client, a collaborator, partner or supplier... by coming together we will achieve far more than going it alone.