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Execute- manage the High Performance Sales Team

Drive revenue growth

The objective is more revenue. The tool is a high performance sales team.

The team has been transformed and the green shoots of revenue growth are showing.  Sales Director Central Sales Leaders manage the team to ensure revenue is predictable and sustainable. The pipeline can be trusted.  Forecasts can be trusted.  The team are accountable. We do not let old habits resurface. We keep them on track and deliver results.

The overriding guides to managing your high performance sales team are the Sales Director Central Sales Framework areas implemented for your business, the specific requirements of your sales team and the experience of the Sales Director Central Sales Leader.

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Dependent upon your team's unique situation, your Sales Leader will establish a Sales Cadence to keep the team on track and the results flowing.  We execute on the following as an example of a typical month in your business as your fractional sales leader:

  1. Run a regular sales meeting with the whole team.
  2. Mentor sales reps with an individual one on one session.
  3. Review deals at appropriate stages in their cycle.
  4. Prepare a sales forecast based on facts.
  5. Provide guidance on key meetings, presentations, demonstrations and proposals.
  6. Keep the sales process on track with the specific aim of working on deals you can win.

The monthly cadence events come with Sales Director Central Sales Framework processes and templates as part of the engagement.


The value of time is key to driving predictable, sustainable results.

Most sales teams are wired to prioritise revenue.  This can manifest itself into chasing any deal where there is a sniff of any revenue.  Time works against you in this scenario and you have less chance of making your target.  We keep the team focused on working on deals they can win.  Our sales teams respect and understand the value of time in helping them make their targets by closing more deals.

We help change the "sales DNA" of your business and use this concept to help increase in each sales rep's contribution to revenue growth.

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