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Investors enable our heroes' dreams come true.

Founders are crazy enough to think they can change the world.  It might be a global change or a local change. What ever the size and impact of the change, SDC see Founders as our heroes.  It is your investment that provides the capital to make their dreams come true.

You are an experienced investor.  You mostly have successes, but a few failures.  A common theme for the successes is a high performance sales team delivering predictable, sustainable results.

The reason you invest is you believe in the Founder's ability to scale.  The keys to this scale are a proven product and a increase in revenue.

How do you assess the sales teams ability to deliver predictable, sustainable results?  How do you assess their plans to build and manage a high performance sales team?

Do you spend $400K+ on a full time Sales Leader?  SDC offer an alternative - spend a fraction of that (15% to 30%) on a proven Fractional Sales Leader and use the difference to hire a sales team. And de-risk your investment in the process.

This is the trigger point for our clients and other investors.  Now is the time to speak to JD or Sarge - Founders of Sales Director Central.

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Managing Investor Risk

When you assess a potential investment, your due diligence covers legal, technical, IP and finance.  The finance due diligence looks at historical sales/revenue, and you might look at the pipeline to estimate future sales/revenue.  Our experience tells us the pipeline is massively overstated.

Sales Director Central addresses these risks with two services for investors. The first service provides the investor with an analysis of the client's sales unit. It is a 46 point checklist based on our proven sales framework and is benchmarked against our data set.  The second service should be attached to your investment, delivering predictable, sustainable results.  The fractional sales leadership service provides sales leadership, a sales framework and establishes/transforms a high performance sales team.

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The Sales Director Central Sales Benchmark


Built around the PAMICE/Value sales framework, the benchmark tool is a 46 point checklist.  It is a comprehensive assessment of the sales business unit's approach to ensuring predictable, sustainable results.

A short form assessment is available here.

The full assessment provides analysis as shown below.

The Fractional Sales Leadership Business Case

Consider your choice on employing a full time Sales Manager against a Fractional Sales Leader from Sales Director Central. Protect you investment.

For the same annual cost of a traditional Sales Manager, you can get the experience and sales framework from SDC, plus you can employ additional sales reps.

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Explore how Sales Director Central can help mitigate some of your risks investing in businesses that have a complex sale to an infrequent buyer.