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Plan - build a High Performance Sales Team

 Once we all have clarity on where the improvements can be made with your sales team, the recommendations from the Diagnose phase are used to drive the transformation of the sales team. 

The objective is more revenue. The tool is a high performance sales team.

Workshops and mentoring are used to make the changes required to deliver predictable, sustainable results.  Group workshops realign the team's approach to complex sales and set the new benchmark for performance and day to day expectations.  One on one mentoring is used to customise the messages and changes required by individuals in the sales team.

The overriding guides to this transformation are the unique recommendations and plan from the Diagnose phase, the Sales Director Central Sales Framework, the specific requirements of your sales team and the experience of the Sales Director Central Sales Leader.

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Dependent upon your team's unique situation, as defined in the Diagnose phase, a sample of the type of workshops we run include (some areas may require multiple workshops to cover all the content specific to your situation):

  1. Your sales process vs the buyer's buying process.
  2. Target industries, companies, personas and your unique value proposition.
  3. Sales meetings, one on ones and deal reviews.
  4. Qualification methodology and when to formally review deals.
  5. Planning - Sales Plan, Territory Plan, Account Plan, Commission Plan, Evaluation Plan.
  6. Presentation, demonstration and proposal preparation.
  7. Sales team cadence.
  8. Sales team charter.

All workshops come with Sales Director Central Sales Framework processes and templates as part of the engagement.

Mentor Sessions

Personalised one on one mentor session to drive the revenue growth capability of your sales team.


Sales reps all have different backgrounds, experiences and capabilities.  They all have different motivators and fears.  The one on one mentoring sessions provide an early engagement opportunity for rapid transformation of individual sales reps.  Poor performers do not always have to be poor performers.  We have turned many into superstars.

We help change the "sales DNA" of your business in these sessions and provide an environment for personal growth and an increase in their contribution to revenue growth.

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