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Business As Usual with Coronavirus

Mar 13, 2020

What does Business As Usual (BAU) look like when health authorities are telling everyone to send staff home?

Where do you find useful and trusted resources around Coronavirus, and how you can use technology to keep as close to BAU as possible?

No matter what tech you are using, all the major players are focused on supporting your remote workforce.

We find these links useful for our business and for our members:

  1. If you are using Microsoft Office 365, this is great resource for helping move staff to remote working - Microsoft Covid-19 Response.
  2. Where can you find information on the disease itself and work from home in a Google environment? Google wrapped it all up in this blog from their CEO.    
  3. More info for GSuite users for working remotely with staff and clients is here.
  4. And let's not forget how Zoom have responded - Zoom Business Continuity

Stay safe, work smart, keep business moving - its in all our interest.

You can also find a LinkedIn Post with this information.

Coming soon - how do we keep the sales engine running?

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