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How do I know if I have a poor performer?

In a recent LinkedIn article, JD spoke about the 4 reasons Directors hold on to poor performing sales people. One of the questions we've been asked is "How do we really know if they are poor performers?".

On the surface this is an easy answer "Zero sales". But this is not easy for many Directors to really be sure about. Mostly this is because they are not wise to the "tricks of the trade" and fear  the loss of "the big deal is due any day now". Here are my tips to get started on this.

1. Don't hire reps who have a consistent 1-2 year track record.  My rule of thumb on a good rep who is coming in to grow my business is that in year 1 their sales need to be at least 80% of a generous target.  The great ones will find a way to hit target even coming in to a poor or new patch.  In year 2 all reps should be over-achieving even if only by a whisker. In year 3 they should be smashing it.

At the opposite end, the 1-2 year consistent job changer is possibly a...

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