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September 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the September Newsletter where we highlight what happened in August and provide summaries of key information we have shared.

The Post of the Month

JD posted on Value in August on LinkedIn.  The key points were:

What is Value? And how should we measure it?

Firstly value is measured by the customer. It doesn’t matter how valuable we think we are it’s only the customer's view that counts.

Secondly, it is not only their personal view of value but how their company measures value.  

How does your customer measure value? Here is a tip: if you think value is measured in terms of your product you are wrong. It should reflect the customer's problem and how much you will make them or save them. If you are unsure it's never too late to ask or reconfirm with your prospect.

 August Masterclass

We had such a big response to the Build Your Pipeline Masterlass in July that we were asked to run it again in August. JD took everyone...

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