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How to Pivot successfully

#pamice #pivot Apr 02, 2020

On Media Watch this week Paul Barry spoke about the most overused phrase in the media during this pandemic.  It was “Petrie dish”, as in the “schools are like a Petrie dish for Coronavirus”. Since this pandemic started to bite into the economy about 3 weeks ago, the most overused word in business seems to be “pivot”, as in “we need to pivot to stay relevant”.

I attended a great online discussion hosted by Ivan Kaye last week, with Professor Clive Smallman as the guest presenter.  Clive is a specialist in crisis management ( and he helped me put the pivot in perspective relative to the greater changes around a business today.

Clive put up this fantastic graph to show what a business is going through at the moment.

The brief summary, and Clive does this much better than I can, is that the crisis hits and we immediately drop revenue, take some time to adjust costs, make some adjustments, prepare for...

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