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How do you control the sales process?

In his recent post, JD spoke about the need to control the sales process.  We've been asked to expand on how that is achieved in new and existing sales cycles.  We recommend 3 simple re-framing points.

The first thing to consider in your business is to be clear that the "sales cycle" is your frame of reference.  A buying cycle is the client's frame of reference.  This can seem like a trivial point but if all your internal language is from your frame of reference, how are you going to consider the client's viewpoint?  Start to bring this language to your sales discussions and you'll soon be thinking like a buyer.

Often people new to sales, or just extremely nice and polite sales people, are apprehensive when it comes to asking questions about the process the buyer is going through.  You need to think about your resources (time, people, money) being just as valuable as your potential client's resources.  It is even more important when your client is...

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