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Hey Founders, if you could supply your sales person unlimited leads would that deliver sales success ?

No it wouldn't!

It is undeniable leads are a constant source of frustration to enable scale for Founders.

But it wouldn't solve the real issue to create a peak performing sales function. A peak performing sales function requires three key elements, aside from leads.

1. A sales framework or methodology to help qualify deals, provide a common vocabulary for the business, and help the sales person identify areas requiring attention. (Sales is a team game)

2. A plan to know how, where, when and what is needed to make our target.

3. A deal review mechanism to challenge some of the assumptions and craft a solid execution plan to uncover missing information.

With this foundation leads are the oxygen that fuels the fire.

In the hands of an experienced Sales Leader these components create discipline around the sales process, allow meaningful discussions around deal success and enable peak performance, scale and growth.

Founders, are you falling short of your target this year ?

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