The 4 reasons founders hold on to poor performing sales people

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2019

I see it often, we are asked to do a review of the sales function, and see glaring issues with sales people. My belief is there are no bad sales people just people in the wrong company.

Here are the reasons from founders on why they have kept a poor performer:-

1 Scared the pipeline will leave with them

2 Listen to the ‘woe is me’ me stories. Sale people tell great stories and founders hold on too long. One sign of this is that when asked a simple question there is a long winded unnecessary answer

3 It was hard to find the poor performer how hard will it be to get a gun

4 It must be the product's lack of functionality The best sales people are typically not trawling seek and linked in to look for work.

Gun sales people are working for someone else making their number.

Bottom line is if you think you have a poor performer you are probably right. What to do - take stock. Do a review of all your sales processes.

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