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How To Hire the Right Salesperson for Your B2B Startup

sales sales teams Mar 08, 2021

There comes a time in every startup journey when you realise that in order to move forward and scale, you need to increase sales and revenue first. And that means transitioning from selling your own products and services to handing over sales to a professional salesperson. 


It seems easy enough; place an ad, interview a few people and pick the best one. So then why is it so many founders and owners end up on the hiring and firing merry-go-round? What does this cost your business? And more importantly, how to hire the right salesperson for your B2B startup who will meet and exceed your sales goals.



Over the years of creating sales blueprints for B2B startups, there’s one common thing we’ve noticed in just about every business. Typically founders have a strong technical or consulting background in their field, but no sales experience. The issue is clear. Without a background in sales, it’s going to be tough to find the...

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