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Average tenure for sales people ? 19 Months

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Does it surprise you that the average tenure for a sales person is 19 months and has been trending down in recent times?

Here are my thoughts on WHY.

Most sales people are hired and left to fail. They have little support, after all they are being paid a base salary. The business is poorly set up to support the individual. In the SME market Founders have spent most effort preparing the product or service for sale, not preparing the sales function for success. The induction process, if there is one, focuses on product knowledge, not understanding the customers drivers and business pain points. KPI's are all revenue based, not activity based. The measures should be around pipeline growth, market intelligence as well as revenue. If you suffer from FFS, Frustrated Founder Syndrome then why not complete the sales self assessment survey, link is in the comments. Sales Director Central - changing the way Founders Scale. #salesacceleration #salesdirectorcentral

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